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Topic: To Jeff Hurchalla: Rough schedule for Version 1.05

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    To Jeff Hurchalla: Rough schedule for Version 1.05


    I realize how hard it is to predict, and all that. But the work on version 1.04 has been so successful the appetite is whetted.

    So, would you hazard a guess anyway? If nothing more, can you estimate whether the work projected for Version 1.05 is less or greater than what you did in 1.04? Should we prepare for weeks of waiting, or months? I deliberately don't ask about years. Forget years.

    You thought we might likely be unable to notice the effects of the 1.04 upgrade, but something did indeed happen to the library during that work to make it smoother, more mellifluously playable and altogether more realistic to the ear and the hand. This is the first that I have been genuinely glad I purchased GAS Pro. It has frankly not seemed worth the money previously, but it just got suddenly and shockingly terrific.

    If that's an unnoticeable difference in your book, I can't wait to hear the real obvious kind.

    Thanks foir all the work,


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    Re: To Jeff Hurchalla: Rough schedule for Version 1.05

    As a software developer myself, I know not to ask the dreaded "when's it gonna be done" question so I won't... but I WILL echo Larry's praise of the 1.04 upGRADE (it's more than an update!) and thank you for your dedication and work on this instrument!


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    Re: To Jeff Hurchalla: Rough schedule for Version 1.05

    I'm glad to head you've liked v1.04. good to hear. We're not giving estimated release dates for the next update, just as general policy for all the software releases. Nevertheless, I can give you more context that maybe you'd find helpful. v1.04 was really challenging from a development point of view, so you might be safe to assume that v1.05 will take less time to complete. However the scope is a bit larger than 1.04 - my current work for the the Steinway D (most likely for release in 1.05) involves a new voicing of Pro/Standard and pedaling improvements.

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    Re: To Jeff Hurchalla: Rough schedule for Version 1.05

    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff Hurchalla View Post
    ...more context that maybe you'd find helpful...
    Thank you, kindly! That is all I hoped for, and it helps as much as you possibly could. It's not very wise for one to play dead in order to protect himself from his own dreaded customers. I'm learning to be glad you're in charge of this thing.

    Satisfaction with the Pro G.A.S. continues here. Very good thing, now evidently poised to get better during our lifetimes.


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    Re: To Jeff Hurchalla: Rough schedule for Version 1.05

    Hi ,
    I appreciate 1.04 standalone version but I cannot select midi channel and send CC7 volume message. So I must put vst version in host (Forte Brainspawn) but this no work same stand alone.
    Can you plan to add CC7 control ( same that I can read in manual ) and a selecting number midi Channel ?
    Thanks for your great work

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