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Topic: about the sustain pedal

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    about the sustain pedal

    Does the sustain pedal work fine in the basic version ?
    In fact when I release the pedal gradually, at the end, the sound stops abruptly

    Note: I have a Yamaha CLP 240 keyboard with a progressive sustain pedal (no problem in others plugins). I use the standalone Steinway basic version

    I want to know if there is the same problem in the pro version (because I want to buy it)

    I already read this thread :
    But there is no solution

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    Re: about the sustain pedal

    The thread you linked sums up the current released version correctly, for Basic/Standard/Pro. I'm working on pedaling improvements which will likely go into the next update, so that people with continuous control sustain pedals will have the effects of continuous control much more complete. That said, the very basic function of sustain pedal works fine, as you might already expect. When you have sustain pedal down it holds notes of course (though there is a situation I'm also improving with having sustain pedal catch a note when you've already lifted your finger off of a key).

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