Hi Guys,
i run 7.3 w/stylus since years w/o any troubles.
now i've updated to 8.0.3 w/10.6.2 and updated stylus to 1.9.2d as it is told at the spectrasonic website.
PT recognices Stylus RMX but when i wanna insert it it says:
DAE Error 7401.....
the FAQ of spectrasonic tells:
When I open the plug-in, what does it mean when I get a "The plug-in could not be made... Error -7401" message in Pro Tools?
This means the RMX wrapper couldn't find the VST RMX plugin. The VST RMX plugin must be installed in the /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST folder (not the user Library folder)
but the plugin is in the recommended folder (StylusRMX.vst).
Any ideas how i can solve that or any ideas where else i shouldt ask?

thx a lot