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Topic: Trillian Question for Spectrum

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    Trillian Question for Spectrum

    Fantastic job on the new instrument, tremendous,.. with endless possibilities.

    I'm kind of stuck using stack mode,..I have setup X to play on certain soft vel.
    I'd like to be able to trigger say,..staccato notes with a keyswitch, but I have found that it's one way of triggering part switching, or the other, not both. I think?

    IOW,. I can't have part 1-sus notes play at all vel above 30,.mutes only below 30.(which works great right now)AND..
    then set stac notes to trigger by a key...say,...c-1,.?

    Not sure I'm explaining this properly and if you see what I'm looking for?
    Basically, to combine the different trigger methods in Stack mode.

    Is this doable?
    perhaps you can suggest a method to try?

    thanks again.

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    Re: Trillian Question for Spectrum

    Live Mode is what you use for switching, Stack Mode is what a user can use to setting up velocities.

    There's currently not a way to do both simultaneously for what you described.

    Glad you are enjoying the instrument! :-)

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    Re: Trillian Question for Spectrum

    thank you for the reply eric,



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    Re: Trillian Question for Spectrum

    I was thinking,...I'd vote for a 3rd mode,..."Piano Hack Mode" lol
    for all us guitar players who can't play and keyswitch at the same time,..lol

    I am having a blast with the spec instruments,..thanks again.

    RMX, OMNi, Trillian,...

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