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Topic: Kontakt 4 on a Mac

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    Kontakt 4 on a Mac

    Hi, i've a tech question for all mac users:

    I have a mac pro 8Core with two 2.26GHz Quad-Core processors, 12gb ram.

    I have a template in Logic 8 with Vienna Ensemble Pro, 64bit server (running VSL special ed, VSL special ed+ and some download instruments) , and Kontakt 4 player running Symphobia.

    Wich is the best solution for Kontakt player?

    1- Use simply multi-timbral instances of kontakt


    2- Use Kontakt loaded inside Vienna Ensemble pro (only 32 bit version is possible)

    From the performance point of view, there are differences between the 2 setups? or not? Or there is maybe a 3rd option to be considered?

    i don't know, but now i'm building my template with multi-timbral instances of kontakt (1st option) and everything seems to be fine.

    Thank you and ciao!

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    Re: Kontakt 4 on a Mac

    I don't have K4 but do have K3.5 (i.e. 64 memory server) and I personally use multiple instances of K4 directly in Logic 9.

    Doesn't seem to be too much difference between a single multi timbral instance or multiple in terms of memory overhead although I am sure there will probably be some.

    I tend to use multiple multi-timbrals for my template. So for symphobia I'll have the following

    K3.5 Instance 1,
    MIDI CHN1 = strings_sus_dyn
    MIDI CHN2 = strings_stac
    MIDI CHN3 = strings_trem


    K3.5 Instance 2 for Woods with sus_dyn, stac, trem etc

    K3.5 Instance 3 for Brass with sus_dyn, stac, port etc

    and so on...

    Hope this is useful



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    Re: Kontakt 4 on a Mac

    thank you Tim! i will use the same approach for my template.

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    Re: Kontakt 4 on a Mac

    Many of us are using multiple instances of K4 in Logic as opposed to one big multi. The memory hit is negligible, and it bypasses some of the problems Logic can get into when addressing these kinds of VIs in multi mode (automation problems, etc).

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