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Topic: Just bought Trilian - no serial # in Users Guide

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    Just bought Trilian - no serial # in Users Guide

    I'm sure I know the answer to this, but I have to ask anyway -- so frustrated. I just received my Trilian package yesterday from Music123 and there was no serial number inside the front cover of the Users Guide (or anywhere else in the Users Guide or in the box). I have a couple of emails into info@spectrasonics.net and also a phone call but no help so far. Are there any other avenues of communication to get this resolved quickly with SS?

    I can't understand why this isn't a 2 minute support effort. I'm not looking for heavy duty tech support on how to use their product or get it working on my system -- I'm just trying to resolve a simple omission they committed in manufacturing. Very frustrating after spending a lot of money on the product.


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    Re: Just bought Trilian - no serial # in Users Guide

    Sorry for the error. We'll get you sorted immediately.

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