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Topic: Latency

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    I have put GigaSampler on the shelf until I upgrade my system to a dedicated computer for the now new GigaStudio. I have a concern about the \'3-10\' millisecond latency. How do I deal with this in my production...ie how does one compensate and how can it be measured ..by ear? I will probably be synching up to another computer, possibly Mac based. Also, is there a reasonably priced string sample CD?

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    Re: Latency

    Hey Czarkovin, relax. Most of the keyboards I have in the studio have easily that much \'latency\' or even more! A couple of very expensive FX boxes (TC) also have more noticeable latency. Generally you won\'t hear that small a delay. I\'ve found that differences in the attack portions of drum loops and other sounds are more responsible for noticeable delays than GS. If you can live with the slop of a full midi chain, an old D50, or cubase or notator\'s crappy timing on the Atari, then GS is going to feel tight as a fish\'s \'you know what\'. If you want to get pedantic, write your GS line into the sequencer and use negative track delay to move it earlier until it feels right against the click. But honestly, I think when Nemesys talk about latency of 3-10ms they\'re proud of being able to compete with hardware which performs at about the same level - not warning people about potential dissatisfaction.

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    Re: Latency

    Cool....I thought that was the case--just wanted to be sure. thanks

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