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Topic: Kontakt and OSX...When?

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    Kontakt and OSX...When?

    I\'ve been considering leaving the Giga format and going over to Kontakt. In fact, I was about to send in the crossrade form this week when suddenly I saw a post on the Digi forum that reminded everyone that with Pro Tools users like myself about to upgrade to Pro Tools 6, which is OSX, you won\'t be able ot use Kontakt. Not a good thing. Tell me this isn\'t true...how far away is Kontakt from working with OSX?

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    Re: Kontakt and OSX...When?

    Hi Tom,

    currently Kontakt is available for OS9 with VST, MAS, Direct Connect and ASIO. There is no OS-X version yet but we will do our best to have an OS-X version asap. Unfortunately there is a lot of development work necessary with streaming and the plugin formats, that we want to support in OS-X. Therefore we expect to have Kontakt for OS-X ready in the second half of 2003. Sorry that I cannot be more precise at this moment.

    I hope this helps.

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