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Topic: Kontakt Player 4

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    Kontakt Player 4

    Have anyone used this? Some detail would be appreciated.

    Thanks, S.

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    Re: Kontakt Player 4

    I tried out the free version a while back. It seems to play all samples in DEMO mode. Obviously, it's just a trial version of the full Kontakt 4 player. Otherwise, if you have GPO 4, you have everything you need.
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    Re: Kontakt Player 4

    I tried this on my PC (Windows XP Pro) and it messed up my system pretty badly. Suddenly, I was getting out of memory messages (or no free memory location messages) from Sonar. These occurred regardless of whether I was using the Kontakt Player 4 plug-in. I had to uninstall it to get any work done.

    The problems didn't end there, however. I still encounter insufficient memory/system resources messages from time to time and periodic flaky behavior that I have never seen on this machine. Exploring the Windows registry revealed literally thousands of keys installed for Kontakt 4 that were not removed when I unistalled the player. I am having to delete them manually and it is so tedious that I can't stand to do more than couple of hours of it at a stretch. It's been a few weeks and I've only gotten about 1/4 of the way through it.

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    Re: Kontakt Player 4

    If you're going to try out software like Kontakt 4 and other fairly large or complex applications I'd suggest creating a restore point just before installing which will make it easy to revert back if needed.

    At the very least a registry backup will do a more basic job. There are also some excellent tools from people like Ashampoo which will clean the registry of all the junk some of these apps leave behind.

    Beware of the free or very cheap registry cleaners unless they come highly recommended, I've had a system trashed using one of these - yep, didn't backup the registry before running it.

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