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Topic: Upgrading to GPO4

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    Upgrading to GPO4


    I've recently upgraded to Sibelius 6.1, although I've been using GPO 2nd Edition with whatever else is native to Sibelius. I want to move forward to GPO4 - but the download page will not accept my serial numbers. What am I missing? What must I do, step by step (this is critically important) in order to be able to get the download, install and use it.


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    Re: Upgrading to GPO4

    PS - my direct email is music613@cyburban.com

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    Re: Upgrading to GPO4

    Hi Music 613,

    Send an email to support@garritan.biz with a description of your problem. They'll straighten it out.

    See this post for more information:

    Do not post your serial number here.


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