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Topic: Auf der Jagd op. 373 by Johann Strauss

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    Auf der Jagd op. 373 by Johann Strauss

    Hello everybody,

    Here is "Auf der Jagd" op. 373, a polka "schnell" written by Johann Strauss, son.

    It has been done with GPO4.

    Here's the file:
    Auf der Jagd.mp3


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    Re: Auf der Jagd op. 373 by Johann Strauss

    That's a pretty good rendering. The balance between the instruments is as (I think) it should be. The only less realistic aspect is the cymbal crash: you can hear that GPO only has one sample for it. But even the repeated notes in the brass sound perfectly fine. You've nailed GPO down well, I would say. How do you see GPO in comparison to your other libraries?

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    Re: Auf der Jagd op. 373 by Johann Strauss

    Thank you Theo for you reply.

    GPO4 is a very good library. I use it to make my sketches.
    I'm looking forward to "Concert and marching band" and "Jazz and big band" in ARIA to augment GPO4. I'll get them as soon as they are available as download.

    While it has plenty of parameters, it's easy to understand them and to use them.

    For the repeated notes, I used the controller 23 that slightly changes the timber of the instrument and gives an RR effect. You gave me this trick, so I use it.

    Also, for the bass drum, I'd like to know how I can muffle it. It makes a little too much noise to my ears.

    The cymbals are a common problem to every libraries.

    Also, I'd like to know how I can do better legato. The coda sounds weird to me. I use the pedal but maybe the piece is too fast to handle legato correctly?

    I can make a render with EWQLSO then you can make a comparison between both libraries...

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    Re: Auf der Jagd op. 373 by Johann Strauss

    If you choose the Bass Drum program, you can make the note shorter with the sustain pedal (cc64), but perhaps that's too short. You could also try the length controller. All options can be found on p.96 of the manual.

    Getting the legato right is difficult indeed. Using the legato controller (also cc64) should give the best results (you have to set it high after the onset of the first note of a legato phrase, and set it low before the end of the last note of the phrase), but it doesn't always produce the desired sound. For my Parsifal rendering, I varied the gap between successive notes, and the velocity/attack of the next notes, and also the length parameter in faster passages. It was a lot of tweaking, and I still didn't get everything right. There are more discussions about this topic in the Tips, Techniques & Tutorials forum.

    Don't bother to render it with EWQLSO, that's too much work. I'm just curious what you think of the strengths and weaknesses of both libraries. GPO is cheap and small, and lacks in a few spots, but I have found it to be pretty easy in use (like you said), and have a pleasant sound. I've read similar reviews about EWQLSO and I'd be interested to hear from someone who has actually used both what the difference is, how both "feel", so to speak...

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    Re: Auf der Jagd op. 373 by Johann Strauss


    Here is a version of "Auf der Jagd" rendered with EWQLSO.


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    Re: Auf der Jagd op. 373 by Johann Strauss

    Hello there Fred!
    When I saw that you had rendered a version done with EWQLSO, I thought, "I'll just bet this guy is a salesman for EW"! But now that I have compared the two versions, if the name of the game is realism, then GPO4 gets the dozen red roses and you're working for Gary! Although I am intrigued with their vocal offerings Voices of Passion and Symphonic Choirs, I think they rely on too many gimmicks like stereo voice doubling in their Player, which usually means it sounds too thin without it.
    The GPO4 sounds utterly genuine and real by comparison.
    You have a fine ear and I think you did a great job on your end!
    Thanks for the "taste test"!

    Best regards,
    sd cisco

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    Re: Auf der Jagd op. 373 by Johann Strauss

    That's nice Fred! Must have been some work, highly appreciated.

    The two version sound different. EWQLSO has more high, and the reverb is better (I think). The brass, especially the horns, also sounds "stronger", but I find it hard to express that in more objective terms. But GPO wins in terms of woodwinds and strings. In combination with the other instruments, EWQLSO's strings sound fine, but when they become exposed a bit thin. And although the difference is small, I'd say EWQLSO wins on bottom end and percussion, but marginally, while the accents come out better in GPO.

    There is also a difference in rendering, because I hear a trumpet from 0:40 to 0:42 in the GPO version, but not in the EWQLSO version (repeated later on).

    But it is really nice to hear them together. Thanks!

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    Re: Auf der Jagd op. 373 by Johann Strauss

    Thanks guys for your support.

    @sc disco: no I'm not working for Gary, nor for EW. But if Gary wants to hire my services to build demos from well known pieces, that would be my pleasure! But in a way, that's what I'm doing: I build demos from famous classical pieces!

    For the trumpets, I noticed it. I don't know why it sounds so loud on GPO4. Normally you should barely hear it like in EWQLSO. But as I don't like to use CC7 I have let the sound as is. If I play with CC7 we will have the impression that the player moves on the scene.

    Both version sounds different for sure.

    While GPO4 is easy to use, EWQLSO is hard to use and EWQLSC is worse but it's worth to take time on all libraries from Gary and EW. I would not recommend EWQLSO to beginners. To beginners, I would recommend GPO4 which is much easier to understand. For advanced amateur and pros, both libraries should give good results.

    As I think I am an advanced amateur, I use both libraries. GPO4 will give me fast results and I have the whole picture much faster than EWQLSO.

    I think good demo should be famous pieces written by masters (dead or living masters), like Vivaldi, Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Rossini, Dukas, Saint Saëns, Strauss and many others I forgot. For example, Rhapsody in Blue is just awesome! as you may have guessed, for myself, I like very much Johann Strauss (father & son). Strauss' music is joyful, dancing, nicely built, easy to understand etc. This is what I'm waiting in orchestral music. I don't like pure Romantic music because you never see the end and you don't understand how it is built.

    When I'll get COMB2 and JABB2 in ARIA player, I'll build other demo like Ravel's "Bolero" or Duka's "Sorcerer's apprentice". For now, I continue to work on Strauss' music.

    There is no spoon.

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