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Topic: Making your own GS samples

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    Making your own GS samples

    I\'m a brand new Gigastudio 160 user who unfortunately has only had time to turn on the thing twice in the last week (this WILL change, dammit!)

    Anyway, while I\'ve been at work I\'ve been reading as much as I can about Gigastudio, and I came across an old review of Gigastudio (version 1.0 I believe) in Electronic musician. One of the reviewer\'s big complaints was that you couldn\'t effectively record your own samples within Giga - you had to have additional software.

    Is this really true? Do you guys create a lot of your own samples on GS? And if it IS true that you need other software, what programs do you guys use to create GS samples?


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    Re: Making your own GS samples

    Yeah, it\'s true, but no big deal.
    All that means is that you need to use something else to capture the wavs, and this programme will probably be better at the job - as it\'s solely dedicated to it.

    My fav is Wavelab by Steinberg. It\'s intuitive and great when dealing with lots of samples - pretty much idiot proof (which is a must for me)
    Cooledit is popular.
    Sound Forge also, by Sonic Foundry.

    Anyone else had good experiences?

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    Re: Making your own GS samples

    Thanks for the reply, Chadwick, and the software tips.

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    Re: Making your own GS samples

    Wvelab is really solid and easy to work with

    Sound Forge comes with a lot more nowadays and is a lot cheaper tahn Wavelab, so it may be a better choice.

    A combination of Vegas and SForge is a great recording setup...but if you\'re still using the VS then you don\'t need Vegas

    Also you might want to look into Cool Edit there is a shareware version of it and it will record samples to the PC for you.

    basically what you need to do is ahve an app taht will \"capture\" the wave file that you want to use as a sample.

    The expta features in Wavelab and Sforge like Crossfade looping and stuff helps if you want to make sustaining samples.
    You use GigaEdit to actually make the -sample bank- which is what GigaSampler uses to play back the -Samples-..

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Making your own GS samples

    Once again, thank you for the reply. After years of having most my needs spoon fed by the VS, it\'s an eye opener to embark on this new PC stuff. Very fun, but I feel like I\'m sort of stumbling through it at times. Thanks for letting me bump onto you for guidance.

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