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Topic: Happy New Year To All!

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    Oct 2000
    Orcas Island

    Happy New Year To All!

    Wishing you all a wonderful and a very
    Happy 2 0 1 0 !

    To all our members around the world:

    • English - Happy New Year!
    • German - Frohes neues jahr
    • French - Bonne année
    • Italian - Buon anno
    • Japanese (transliterated) - Akema****e omedeto
    • Russian (transliterated) - Schastlivogo novogo goda!
    • Spanish - Feliz año nuevo
    • Norwegian - Godt nytt år
    • Finnish - Onnellista Uutta Vuotta
    • Danish - Godt nytår
    • Swedish - Gott nytt år
    • Croatian- Sretna nova godina
    • Dutch - Gelukkige nieuwjaar
    • Hungarian - Boldog ujévet
    • Afrikaans - Gelukkige nuwe jaar
    • Arabic - Antum salimoun
    • Hebrew - L\'Shannah Tovah
    • Czech - Scastny Novy Rok
    • Chinese - Chu Shen Tan
    • Eskimo - Kiortame pivdluaritlo
    • Greek - Kenourios Chronos
    • Hawaiian - Hauoli Makahiki Hou
    • Hindi - Subh Nab Bars
    • Slovak - A stastlivy Novy Rok
    • Swahili - Heri Za Mwaka Mpya

    -Hope I didn't leave anyone out.
    Thank you for being there for us during a difficult time. The people of this community are the best and we are so very fortunate.

    Wishing you all a very happy, joyous, peaceful, healthy and wondrous New Year.

    Gary & Marianne

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    Re: Happy New Year To All!

    Happy New Year to you, Gary!!!
    May 2010 be a wonderful year for you and Marianne!

    Gary A. and Karen R. (& the Cats!)
    Serenity Musician Productions (Gary A.)

    Lenovo ThinksStation S30, Windows 10 Professional 64-bit, 20 gig ram, 2 terabyte hd., M-Audio Fast Track, Finale25, Sonar Professional

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    Re: Happy New Year To All!


    the best is yet to come
    [Music is the Rhythm, Harmony and Breath of Life]
    "Music is music, and a note's a note" - Louis 'Satchmo' Armstrong


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    Re: Happy New Year To All!

    HAPPY NEW YEAR, Gary, Marianne, the whole Garritan Gang, and everyone in the world!

    For the occasion --one of the first things I ever posted here at the Forum--and my first piece ever using JABB:

    AULD LANG SYNE - from 2006

    I wish a FABOO 2010 to all!


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    Re: Happy New Year To All!

    Happy New Year!

    4am here in Scotland and just back from a gig. Party time

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    Re: Happy New Year To All!

    Happy New Year!!

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    Re: Happy New Year To All!

    A Happy and Musical New Year to Everyone!



    and if I may add: Let The Good Times Roll!
    We dream to write and we write to dream.

    Challenge #10 Winner

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    Re: Happy New Year To All!

    Happy New Year to all! Wishing you all the best for 2010.

    Jerry, Allison and Claire Wickham
    MacBook Pro Intel Core 2 Duo 2.5ghz 4GB Ram OSX 10.5.8
    Korg TritonLe & MAudio Oxygen 8
    T3, Logic 9, DP7, K2, GPO4, Strad, Gofriller, C&MB, Finale 2010

    My Website!
    New Film Scores!
    Also, Ever think about having your very own personal documentary? See my new Website!

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    Re: Happy New Year To All!

    Gelukkig Nieuwjaar, everyone

    (that's the correct Dutch spelling ) and best wishes. Not every year can be a great year, but every new year offers new hope, and 2010 has a lot of potential. May it undo the sorrow and grief from last year, reunite you with people thought gone, and bring peace and calmness to your minds, and give you some time to work on that one fantastic composition!

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