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Topic: Some Strauss pieces I have done

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    Some Strauss pieces I have done

    Hello everyone,

    Happy new year 2010!

    For the first day, here are some Strauss pieces I have worked on:

    - Perpetuum mobile: http://www.box.net/shared/1v2l59p4v5
    - Unter Donner und Blitz: http://www.box.net/shared/pnxbg2qmgh
    - Radetzky Marsch: http://www.box.net/shared/tc7ccdn74t
    - Auf der Jagd (work in progress): http://www.box.net/shared/8jio0yqdzi


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    Re: Some Strauss pieces I have done

    A very traditional opening of the New Year! Thanks Fred.

    For people not familiar with the tradition: Every January, 1, at 13.00 CET there is a New Year's concert from Vienna, featuring mostly works by Strauss father and son, which is broadcasted live in many countries (72 this year). In most of Western Europe, this is a tradition almost as old as public TV.

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    Re: Some Strauss pieces I have done

    Thank you Théo,

    They have just finished the first part with Perpetuum mobile. My version is really near reality!

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    Re: Some Strauss pieces I have done

    You've done a pretty good version, I have to say.

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    Re: Some Strauss pieces I have done

    Hi Fred,

    Happy New Year!

    I downloaded and listened to the 1st selection (Perpetuum Mobile) ... my God, what a tremendous performance and rendering ... was that all GPO or a mixture of various libraries? Whatever the library(ies), that was spectacular ... well done! I really enjoyed it. The piccolo was so brilliant and the mix was simply perfect. WOW!



    PS: Thanks Theo for the info on the tradition, one I was not aware of.

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    Re: Some Strauss pieces I have done

    Thank you guys,

    @Frank D:
    Perpetuum mobile has been rendered mainly with EWQLSO and VSL for the tamtam. If you enjoyed Perpetuum mobile, you may enjoy the other polkas and "Radetzky marsch". I try to rebuild the most popular pieces from Strauss (father & son).

    Most pieces are done with EWQLSO (sorry). I bought GPO4 only 1 month ago while I bought EWQLSO last May. "Auf der Jagd" is done with GPO4. I'll make a new topic when it'll be fully finished. For now, the first part is done.

    Even for a 3 minutes piece from Strauss, it takes a time you can't imagine to recreate such a piece. While it sounds popular (for its time), their (father & son) pieces are very complex.


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