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Topic: GPO4 and notation programs

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    GPO4 and notation programs

    Hi to All,

    I would like to use the GPO4 library and ARIA Player with a notation program that would allow me to write and play back music. As I do this for fun and only once in a while, I do not want to spend loads of money for the notation program (Finale, Sibelius, etc... are too expensive!).
    Are there any low budget (or free!!) notation programs around that will allow me to write music and play it back with the Garritan library of instruments?

    Many thanks for your help


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    Re: GPO4 and notation programs

    Hello Ipsilon and a warm welcome to our forums.

    I use Finale 2010 which integrates with GPO4 Aria perfectly. I think the problem with some editors is that they don't support VST directly. This means that in order for GPO4 to be used with those editors some third party interface would be needed. There are a few of these easily available such as the Maple Virtual Midi Cable (www.marblesound.com). A search should find others for you if needed.

    The following less expensive and free editors are given as information only as I know absolutely nothing about them at all. I can't really vouch for any of these or offer any recommendations. I just either heard of them or found them following a search.

    Less expensive editors include 'Notation Composer' at $88 (http://www.notation.com/NotationComposer.php). Some members of our community use this. Try a Forums search for threads on the 'Notation editor'. Another I have heard of though know nothing about is 'Mozart' at £94 ($152) (http://www.mozart.co.uk).

    Free notation editors include 'Musette' for windows (http://musettemusic.com) and 'Rosegarden' for Linux (http://www.rosegardenmusic.com).

    I'm sure you'll find other examples if you try an internet search. None of these will ever offer the facilities of my favourite 'Finale' but they may well offer all that you need for now.

    Good luck.
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    Re: GPO4 and notation programs

    For what it's worth, the makers of Finale also make Printmusic which is only $99 and does support the use of VST.

    If might also add: using a "free" product will give you the equivalent quality sound. It would be a shame to use a low-end product which does not give good playback results, and subsequently, get poor use out of your Garritan product.

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    Re: GPO4 and notation programs

    You may have better luck looking for free/inexpensive Audio program such as Reaper. Many of them allow playback of MIDI files, and you can set them up to play GPO. Some notation programs will export your score as MIDI files - you can see where this is going.

    One other thought - are you on a Mac? If so, Garageband will do what you are looking for; I don't know if there is a PC equivalent.

    But if you are looking for a full notation program that also can run VSTs, and for free, you may be asking for more than is possible without shelling out some $$.
    Ron Pearl





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    Re: GPO4 and notation programs

    Hi Ipsilon,
    I would recommend to look for Myriad Harmony Assistant.
    Try before buy.
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    Re: GPO4 and notation programs


    Thank you all for your help.
    I have had a look at your suggested programs. Myriad Harmony Assistant seems to do it for me. It has all that I wanted.

    I will invite you at the first concert!!


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    Re: GPO4 and notation programs

    First, you should shop around for a notation app that you really like and can afford, then find out if it will handle GPO4, meaning it should handle VSTs and/or use GPO4 running in external mode.

    I use Overture 4 myself. My second choice would be Finale 2010, which is more confusing to learn how to use but seems to be the most popular. Here's the link for Overture 4 at Geniesoft:


    Geniesoft also makes ScoreWriter, which is cheaper and with less functionality, but also handles VSTs. Demos are available for both. Good luck!
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