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Topic: GOS2 Feature Request

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    GOS2 Feature Request

    So, I'm enjoying playing around with my new Strad and Gofriller, but there is one niggle that I think could be easily addressed: Vibrato.

    The minimum vibrato speed is roughly 4.5 Hz. For my tastes, that's way too fast, especially for slower, lyric passages.

    So, that's my GOS request. Let me take the vibrato speed all the way to 0, or at least down to about 2.5 Hz.

    Thanks for listening,

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    Re: GOS2 Feature Request

    Hi, Rob - Be sure to also try "Vibrato Offset" which is controlled with CC67. It gives a really large range of vibrato rate beyond what can be done with Aftertouch alone. I just now ran an experiment, and with using CC1, Aftertouch and CC67 in combination, I got a very slow vibrato - I can't imagine ever needing it more slow.---


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    Re: GOS2 Feature Request

    Hi, Randy,

    I just messed around a bit and the slowest I can get using the offset and aftertouch (I don't think CC1 changes the speed of the vibrato, just the depth) is the stated minimum of 4.6 Hz (pg. 44 in the manual). Granted. that is much slower than the maximum rate it can achieve, but still faster than what I'm looking for.

    It's all a matter of taste.

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