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Topic: Meditations on this Community

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    Meditations on this Community

    Dear Friends,

    I\'m definitely not a professional musician. I\'m a cardiologist, more than 30 years spent on patients care and research. One hundred fifty scientific papers published on peer review revised journals. I still love research, and I\'d like to apply the same kind of scientific attitude to research on sound processing. I followed this forum with interest, as long as I felt it to be devoted to honest research and sharing of experience.
    Most recently, I have to say, I was really disappointed from many responses to the threads. No empathy, no constructive attitude, no sincere exchange of ideas. Mostly bickering, advertisement and aggressive behaviour. I\'m afraid we\'re going to miss the very spirit of music, that is doing something together for a better world.


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    Re: Meditations on this Community

    I would like to agree, but then I have no idea which group you casted me in, which would thus just further reinstate my lack of empathy which manifests itself by agreeing on something I didn\'t even properly understand.

    So, I\'d just like to state, that all of us are born dumb and eventually lose some of that as we get older. Sometimes this is inevitable even.

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    Re: Meditations on this Community

    Well just stick around guys.

    Can you imagine what it would be like if ALL the reasonable characters here left !?

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