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Topic: Premade Section Templates for GPO4

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    Premade Section Templates for GPO4

    Hi all. I'm new to GPO as of this evening. After a few weeks of research I decided on GPO over the other more expensive libraries primarily because of its philosophy of building sections. After a few hours with it I'm very pleased even with just my initial results. So I'm wondering if there are any section templates/presets posted anywhere. I searched for a while online and in this forum but could not seem to find any. Now the glory of building your own sections is what this is all about but I was just wondering. Perhaps an area in the forum for preset sharing would be good . . . or did I miss it?

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    Re: Premade Section Templates for GPO4

    Hi and welcome.

    I don't know what kind of template you have in mind, but there is a bunch in the "Garritan Personal Orchestra 4" folder, under "Ensembles", see p.146 of the manual (that was included in the download, but doesn't get installed). Basically, you drag the ensemble file onto the player (both stand-alone and plug-in).

    I work a bit differently: I can open a sequencer template (or an old file and save it under another name) and delete whatever I don't need, or use "channel strip settings" (sort of a preset group for one channel in Logic Express). Sometimes I replace the old template. But usually, I add instruments as I go. In comparison to entering the notes and expression, that's very little work, and you occasionally find an instrument you hadn't thought of before.

    There are also so many possible templates: sometimes you want all strings with all articulations, but not always. Sometimes you want 1 english horn and 1 oboe, both solo versions, sometimes you want all woodwinds with 3 players, or all but not the contrabassoon and bass clarinets. Or you want them with a different reverb, or, etc.

    I guess there is not much use for all these different templates, and that's why nobody makes them generally available. But perhaps I'm mistaken and people will start uploading them massively, if only to contradict me...

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    Re: Premade Section Templates for GPO4

    Hello dscrofani and a warm welcome to our forums.

    Congratulations on acquiring your new GPO and I'm sure you'll enjoy using your new library.

    Regarding your question, Theo has given a good reply and I can confirm that there is no set place for members to share their self-created ensemble templates. As Theo mentioned, there are some ensembles already provided with GPO which you might find useful. However, many members generally prefer to create their own.

    I'm sure you'll enjoy creating your own ensembles just the way you would like them.

    Good luck with your new library and your ensemble building.
    Patience is a virtue, sensitivity is a gift

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    Re: Premade Section Templates for GPO4

    Thanks guys. You know I was looking everywhere on my drive for a folder like the one you mention . . . in the applications folder and in the library under app support. Since I installed the samples library on a completely separate drive I never thought to look there! That's what happens when you purchase and install software at 2:00 am after returning from a gig.

    Thanks again.

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