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Topic: Sibelius & GPO Cymbal (Crash)

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    Sibelius & GPO Cymbal (Crash)

    Hi, I've just installed GPO(3) with Sibelius and in my 5 line percussion, where normally in a high E (~ E6) with an "x" notation head, I would have a cymbal crash, I now have a triangle and it's like that for all the notes below to about F(5) or so.

    Is there a particular instrument or notation I need to use to get my cymbal sound back?

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    Re: Sibelius & GPO Cymbal (Crash)

    When working in Sibelius, I usually just create an unnamed staff, assign it to n-Basic Orchestral Percussion within the ARIA player and notate it accordingly. Unfortunately, you have to set it every time you open Sibelius, but this still works very well. Just a suggestion.
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