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Topic: Vienna Ensemble Pro and midi over LAN

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    Vienna Ensemble Pro and midi over LAN

    Is anyone using this program successfully with two or more computers? If so, what brand of router are you using? I am trying to connect a i7 Core, Vista Ulitmate 64 bit DAW with a Intel Quad Core 6600, Win XP SP 2, 32 bit Slave and having little success. Both machines have gigabit Ethernet 10/100/1000 ports.

    Life was so much easier with Gigastudio......

    Thanks for your suggestions.


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    Re: Vienna Ensemble Pro and midi over LAN

    If only have two machines just link them over Gigabit Ethernet directly - using a twisted pair cable.

    Alternatively I have VEPRO working fine between 5 machines using a 5 port Netgear router. Remember to always use CAT 5E (or above - I use 6) cables and also set up all your static IP addresses on a private network e.g.,, etc etc.



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