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Topic: Utility to view .gsp file ?

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    Utility to view .gsp file ?

    I dodged a bullet last week -- for no reason that I can determine, my GS3 machine decided that it wanted a brand new GS3 auth. Couldn't restore the old auth, etc...

    Short-term workaround (to get my work done) was to use Kontakt.

    AND luckily, there was a nice person at Tascam that emailed a new GS3 auth within 24 hours.

    Looking forward, I know have to retire GS3 for good - and I am aware of some solutions for my 1.3 TB library of .gig files, including G-Player -- but none of the .gig playing substitutes can load a .gsp performance file.

    In order to future-proof my work (restore an archived piece) - I MUST find a way to "look into" a .gsp file, and simply know what was inside. Notepad can look at the file, but it's quite a mess.

    Does anyone have a better way to see into a .gsp and learn what files were in-use?

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    Re: Utility to view .gsp file ?

    I do software development as a career to pay for my joy with music... and I developed some of my own tools for this purpose (none of which are sharable or packaged in a way that others could use). In the process I tried to get TASCAM and the GS devs to reveal the data structure behind the performance files. I had already reverse-engineered enough of it to prove to them I knew what I was doing (the main purpose was to create a tool that could open performances and renumber the instruments - something not possible in an efficient way in the provided tools).

    Predictably they would have nothing to do with me - didn't even get a response - since I did not represent a marketing/revenue potential for them. Maybe I am being a little harsh...

    In any case, I know you can figure out a great deal by industrious hacking but I don't hold out much hope for you finding any formal tools or support from TASCAM on the file format. Maybe the Garritan bunch will have a different approach.

    Best of luck,

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