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Topic: Saxophone tone

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    Saxophone tone

    Hello, I'm already started to use this AWSOMe Software. But I have a question
    - how can I HAVE A SOUND OF SAXOPHONE more similar to the 'natural' one? I mean, the standard tone, you give, is flat and too separated, when I put some notes in sequence. I would like to be able to give a sort of 'legato' between notes and try to give the sense of human breath that generates sound and ceases it.

    I use Garritan Jazz/Big Band with FL STUDIO

    Daniele, Turin

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    Re: Saxophone tone

    Hi, Damota

    Congrats on getting JABB to work with. And now the work begins. From your post I think you're rather new to the whole thing of working with software instruments, so there's much to explore and learn.

    "...when I put some notes in sequence..."

    That's the first issue. You can't expect to just insert some notes and get the legato and natural sound you're wanting.

    Use a keyboard--You really need to. PLay the line you want, much of the continuous natural sound you want will come naturally.

    And then you need to use your controllers:

    A CONSTANT use of MIDI controller #1 (generated by the keyboard's mod wheel) is what controls the instrument's volume. Play that swooping up and down the way you feel it would be done by a live player.

    Use After Touch for vibrato on the Saxes on sustained notes. If you don't have a keyboard that generates after touch, you can draw that data into the Piano Roll View of your sequencing software.

    That's a start.

    Randy B.

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    Re: Saxophone tone

    In addition to what Randy wrote, you'll also need to use the sustain pedal to trigger legato mode to cut the attack between notes.


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