It's my first post on that forum. I have very strange problem noone of my friends could resolve. My equip is: casio keyboard ctk-651, regular usb-midi cable, e-mu 202 adapter, windows vista ultimate x64 and finale 2010. I'm composing a piece of music, recording it track by track. I started with perc, next trumpet and these were OK. But I finally came to the piano track. It was much more complex, than trumpet or perc (4-5 notes per chord), like jazz improvisation. Unfortunately, it wasn't correct. The rhythm was disturbed, some notes, which were played individually, became parts of one chord. What is strange, during recording every note and chord I played, I heard correctly. So, I assume that the route keyboard<->cable<->PC<->E-MU 202<->my headphones doesn't make any delays or errors. I thought that it might have been a problem with finale, but I checked another software (much simpler noteworthy composer) and the problem was identical.
What is more, I have another simpler (in explaining ) problem. When I play one note and keep it and then I play another one (without stopping keeping the first), the first note is stopped. Therefore, I have to record long notes indivually and that's an absurd.
I enabled GM Midi in casio ctk-651, but that doesn't solve the problem. I'm slowly getting frustrated - I have absolutely no problem with very complicated playback (e.g. on concerts when I use truepianos) even with 7-8 notes per chord, but when recording goes little more complicated that straight melody, the program goes mad.
I will appreciate any kind of help.
Best regards,