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Topic: Same GPO for Mac and Windows?

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    Same GPO for Mac and Windows?

    I'm about to take the plunge and buy GPO4. My main workstation is a souped up PC running Vista64. But I just got a Macbook Pro and am now considering to use this as my Music workstation (with Garageband for now).

    Do I need to buy separate GPO4 versions for Mac and Windows? Or will the single download/purchase work with either one?

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    Re: Same GPO for Mac and Windows?

    Merry Christmas!
    Happy New Year and welcome to Northern Sounds!

    A single purchase of GPO4 will allow you up to four legal
    licenses/installations on a Mac or PC.

    In other words, you could install it on an old PC, a new PC,
    an old Mac and a new Mac,... all for a single purchase.


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    Re: Same GPO for Mac and Windows?

    Wow! That was quick!

    So, just to be clear (and redundant), I only download once and use the same download on macs and pcs? Thanks!

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    Re: Same GPO for Mac and Windows?

    you got it!

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