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Topic: GPO4 Upgrade and Pocket Orchestra

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    GPO4 Upgrade and Pocket Orchestra

    Longtime absent from PC music for financial and health reasons. New computer and some unexpected Christmas money have me considering rejoining the 21st century by upgrading from Sonar 3 to Sonar 8.5 producer. Garritan Pocket Orchestra comes with that upgrade as part of Dimension Pro.

    I've looked around on the Garritan website but I can't find out if Pocket Orchestra ownership would qualify me for the GPO4 upgrade price. $49 I MIGHT be able to swing, but not $149.

    Can anyone answer this for me?

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    Re: GPO4 Upgrade and Pocket Orchestra

    Hello John,

    I'm fairly sure that the $49 upgrade applies to the earlier full products only and not the extracts bundled with Sonar, Finale, Sibelius etc.

    Just in case I'm mistaken I would suggest you send an email to 'Sales': info@garritan.com
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    Re: GPO4 Upgrade and Pocket Orchestra

    Thank you, Michael. I will follow your suggestion.

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