What DAW you use and why? I currently use Sonar Homestudio 6 XL but thinking changing to Mac and Logic. More usefull notation and i think i dont want never Windows than XP Pro (i currently i have problem what not yet solved if active 3d/video accelaration computer almost surely crash when i try show video or use 3d stuff,and i changed graphics card which dont solve problem and old card works well in other machine and all components should be good quality and i asked about this problem in so many places and my brother which knows computer hardware better)... and also Logic plugins sounds at least idea level nice.(So many also like them). And if genre matters i think something beetween seventies synthpop,progressive rock,ambient and soundtrack and classical music maybe even jazz.. ps. i dont have any software what i really need in pc. (few freeware synths are nice (ASynth,Synth1 mainly) but this cannot be reason to use pc...)
ps. its Logic closer Sonar than Cubase?