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Topic: Synthogy Italian Grand Latency Question

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    Synthogy Italian Grand Latency Question


    Hopefully someone there can help me with a problem I'm having with Synthogy's Italian Grand. I'm only using it by itself. I'm only using it for live performance. Here's the problem:

    There is a slight delay between between when I play a note and when I hear it.

    Here's what I'm using to run it:

    A new MacBook (2.13 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 2GB, OS X)--I've installed the Italian Grand onto the main drive
    Presonus FireWire 400 (Fire Studio Mobile)

    I'm brand new to using my computer in conjunction with my piano/keyboard controller at live gigs. So dumb down your answers for me. Thanks!!

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    Re: Synthogy Italian Grand Latency Question

    some obvious things to check would be:
    - Driver, on the PC side the ASIO driver is what you want to use, not sure about MACs, though.
    - Sample rate, try starting at 44.1kHz, higher settings typically put more strain on the system. Once you have it working correctly there, you can try increasing it if you like.
    - Buffer size (most likely culprit) Try starting at 512 then progressively lowering it. Remember that the lower you go the lower the latency (delay) but the more strain on your system resources (CPU mostly).

    Hope that helps.

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