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Topic: Polyphony

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    I don\'t think anyone has answered this question officially.
    What do you need to get maximum polyphony of 160 voices? How much RAM and what CPU speed and type?
    It would be nice if Nemesys can post some sort of polyphony vs. RAM and CPU chart for GigaStudio.


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    Re: Polyphony

    I think this may have a changed a bit, but when I just recently purchased GigaSampler, I got nice piece of literature for GigaStudio.

    On the back it says the following:

    Mininum Requirments:
    PII 266 or AMD K6-2 400 w/64MB RAM
    Ultra DMA ur Ultra IDE (9ms. or less access time) hard drive

    Recommended Requirements:
    PIII 550 or Athalon 550 w/128MB RAM
    Ultra DMA or Ultra IDE (ATA-66) or Ultra Wide SCSI hard drive

    I would guess the Recommended is the way to go for the 160 voices.

    However, I remeber talking to someone at Nemesys tech support and they told me a PIII 700 was probably more realistic to get 160 voices.

    I\'m probably going with the PIII 700 or faster just to be safe.


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