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Topic: Scarbee Jay Bass/Red Bass and cc7 (volume)

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    Scarbee Jay Bass/Red Bass and cc7 (volume)

    Hi guys,
    I was having problems trying to fade out the last note of the Jay Bass/Red Bass track at the end of my song, because the note got truncated way before it was supposed to end.

    What happened basically is that when I created a strings of CC7 values from let's say 127 to 0 starting at the first beat of measure 30 and ending at the first beat of measure 31, no matter what sample was triggered (index or medium finger) I got the note truncated somewhere in the middle of measure 30 even if I checked that its length ended at the first beat of measure 31.

    So I tried to reproduce this weird behavior manually playing a sustained note (index finger sample to be sure it's the longer sample) and moving up and down my Pedal Controller which sends CC7. The results are that whenever I get under a certain CC7 value (which i couldn't define but it's around 60 to 70) the note gets truncated even if I'm still holding down the key. But the weirder behavior is that at that very point (with the note somehow muted) if I raise up the pedal sending upper CC7 values I got a new note with the attack, just like I had it played again on a keyboard and not fading in as I would have expected.

    As a workaround I'm bouncing the Jay Bass/Red Bass track and fading out the audio file at the end of the song, but there are times when I need bass notes to fade out somewhere in the middle of a song. So it would be nice to be able to do it via midi without having the note truncated in the middle of his length value.

    I already tried to assign the patch volume to cc11 (expression), but no joy Jay Bass/Red Bass react in the very same way that with cc7, it stops playing the note around 60 to 70 of cc11 values.

    Since Scarbee forum has been shut off, I already posted this to NI forum.

    Sorry for confusion and bad wording, I tried my best, I hope you got the picture.

    Anyone else is experiencing something like that?


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    Re: Scarbee Jay Bass/Red Bass and cc7 (volume)

    Well, I must assume that nobody here is using Jay Bass/Red Bass.
    Thanks anyway.


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