Hey, guys.

As I mentioned in the other posts in this little burst, I'm looking at reinstalling my DAW. However, it's likely that I'll buy a new box while I'm at it, probably just a fast box from Dell since they're so cheap.

My current box is using an old Dakota audio card that's served me very well over the years, but I suspect it's time for something new just for support purposes. My needs are ADAT interface (preferably two) and a SPDIF digital output or two as I have a Mackie D8B and come digitally into the board.

The Dell boxes I'm lookoing at typically have a limited number of slots, generally PCI. That said, I'm not opposed to a USB interface if there are no performance or other hassles.

What do you recommend for an XP (or possibly Windows 7) box running Nuendo & Sonar?

I know I'm asking a lot of questions all at once, but I've learned to trust the opinions I find here.

Oh, yeah - Happy Christmas (and a Merry New Year)!