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Topic: Version 1.04 released

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    Version 1.04 released

    You can download the v1.04 update for all editions at garritan.biz. Basic users can save time by downloading the update zip file rather than the full product zip.

    Changes include:
    Improved Sustain Resonance compatibility with plugin hosts, improved sustain resonance CPU efficiency particularly with small audio device buffer sizes, sustain resonance bug fix for sample rates of 88,96,176, and 192khz.
    Improved host (sequencers/notation) compatibility.
    Bug fix of the tuning type's display - it now correctly shows the current temperament.
    Improvements to polyphony and voice stealing.
    Improved Snow Leopard compatibility.
    Minor UI issues fixed.

    For the future, version 1.05 is under development, which I currently expect will include pedaling fixes and pro/standard voicing improvements. Also, the Steinway B from Skywalker Sound is under development, although it's a different product.

    Best wishes for Christmas-

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    Re: Version 1.04 released

    I can't find the update on the website. Can you please supply a direct link?

    Larry G. Alexander

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    Re: Version 1.04 released

    Thank you for the info.

    Larry G. Alexander

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    Re: Version 1.04 released

    Lovely 'present,' Jeff. Very appreciative of your hard work.

    Had a little bit of a glitch downloading it earlier (Firefox somehow wouldn't show the d/l progress at all) but a few attempts later, I managed to finally get the update downloaded and installed. Sounds marvelous!

    Happy holidays to all, and a great New Year!

    Bob V
    Studio V

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    Re: Version 1.04 released

    Hi...I just upgraded to Version 1.0.4 and was very disappointed to hear a lot more pops and clicks than I had with Verison 1.0.3 Any suggestions? Also, what is the best way to downgrade back to Version 1.0.3? Do I just run the Version 1.0.3 installer again or do I uninstall Version 1.0.4 before running the Version 1.0.3 installer?

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    Re: Version 1.04 released

    You would need to uninstall 1.04 first, and then install 1.03. If you uninstall, don't choose to delete all samples - everything will be much easier if you keep the samples.
    Still, in principle 1.04 should be at least as fast and robust as 1.03 in all categories, and in the most CPU critical category (sustain resonance) it should be significantly faster and more robust.
    So before you revert, check your buffer size and sample rate to make sure they are what you expect. If you have the buffer size set smaller than before (or if the sample rate is higher) then you would get lower latency but you would be much more susceptible to pops and clicks due to those settings. In general you'll want to play with the settings until you get best results.
    Could you let me know your buffer size/samplerate, the OS, and how old your system is (or better yet the CPU)?

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    Re: Version 1.04 released

    Hi...thanks for asking. My PC is not that powerful, but it usually suits my purposes very well, which is mainly classical piano playing. It is a Pentium M 2.26 GHz with 2 GB RAM running Windows XP SP2. My sound card is RME Hammerfall DSP. I have it at 44.1 kHz sampling rate and a buffer at a very moderate 512 samples (12 msec). With Version 1.0.3 I usually was able to get about 100 voices which is fine for me, but now with Version 1.0.4 it starts popping and clicking even at 10 or 20 voices.

    I also noticed these pre-cache and DYN memory settings in the Info tab of Garritan Steinway. Do you have some more details and recommendations on these settings? I am thinking these help reduce the load on the hard drive at the expense of RAM, which would be fine with me since I usually load up only the Garritan Steinway by itself. Thanks again.

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    Re: Version 1.04 released

    Are you using the stand-alone Steinway application, or are you using the Steinway as a plugin within a sequencer (or other host program)? If you're using within a sequencer or other host, could you let me know please the name of the host and its version?
    Try minimizing or dismissing the user interface of the Steinway, and let me know if the problem with pops and clicks improves. Some graphic cards (strangely enough) and some sequencers have in the past caused clicks when the Steinway UI is in the foreground.
    You may also find helpful information regarding the Hammerfall at

    One thing I saw on the RME faq page that may help you was:
    "Low Latency ASIO operation under Windows 2000/XP on single CPU systems.

    To use ASIO at lowest latencies under Windows 2000 single CPU systems, the 'system performance' has to be optimized for background tasks. Go to Control Panel/System/Advanced/Performance Options. Change the default 'Applications' to 'Background tasks'. The lowest usable latency will drop from 23 ms to around 3 ms. "

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    Re: Version 1.04 released

    Hi....wow...that was it! When I minimized the Garritan Steinway window, the pops and clicks disappeared, even when I set the polyphony level to 128 and played away. Thanks for the tip.

    By the way, the problem was occurring in standalone mode. It was even worse when I tried using my host/sequencer which is Cakewalk Sonar 4. But in both cases, minimizing the Garritan Steinway window solves the problem.

    I don't think it is my graphics card though (I have an ATI Radeon X600 by the way), because I don't think I remember this problem when I was running Garritan Steinway version 1.03,. Also, I just checked again, and I don't have this problem when I run any other sampler like GigaStudio 3, Kontakt 2, HALion 3, etc. One of the very few other times I have had a pops and clicks problem was with Steinberg's The Grand 3. The problem disappeared when I changed what it has as an "Audio Priority" setting paradoxically from its default of "Boost" to "Normal." So maybe there could be some kind of priority issue with Garritan Steinway version 1.04 that goes away when it is put from the foreground to the background when minimizing it? Anyway, I am prepared to live with this minimizing workaround since it is a minor thing to do to get rid of the pops and clicks, but maybe some kind of adjustment in Garritan Steinway 1.04 may be needed?

    Can you also give any more insight into the Pre Cache settings and DYN Max settings in the Garritan Steinway Info tab? Should the default values be used or can I increase these values to use more RAM but get more polyphony?

    Thanks also for the other RME tips. I had already changed my Windows System Performance settings from "Applications" to "Background" a long time ago when researching audio tweaks to Windows XP. I only set my latency buffer to 12 ms, because I can tolerate the barely noticeable difference between 12 ms and 3 ms, but I can't tolerate pops and clicks...which I no longer have thanks to your minimizing workaround, so thanks again!

    P.S. I am now enjoying the Garritan Steinway sound even more now that I have discovered that the exquisite release trails are controllable with the mod wheel...just gorgeous!

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