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Topic: Complete Classical Collection 2nd

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    Complete Classical Collection 2nd

    I want ask what you think about Complete Classical Collection 2nd by Peter Siedlaczek ? i know there is bigger and maybe much nicer libraries but almost all others are more pricey etc (expection is Garritan Personal Orchestra which also have at least few nice sounds). What are best sounds on it. I think contains some brass sounds (i mean something in "harder"/"metallic" side) what i cannot get with Miroslav Philharmonic and Marimba have nice "tremelo" sample). How good combination are these ? i tested with try-sound but i not yet sure how suitable is to me.
    but soon i can also test xsample chamber ensemble more...

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    Re: Complete Classical Collection 2nd

    Hi Jupeku,

    Check out Sounds Online East West libraries. They have 2 for 1 and 3 for $495 U.S. Their libraries are very good.

    Regards John

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    Re: Complete Classical Collection 2nd

    Currently i dont have money and hard disk space and heared play products are heavy (and maybe buggy). But i can maybe think someday these. And how good harpsicord found in these produts ? little offtopic but one basic reason why i want more than Miroslav Philharmonik and some string timbres are other reason and some brass ("metallic"/"hard" side). and i found but not yet sure chamber enseble is bit ugly in some areas but i must test more... based what i tested: Eastwest sampler i think is not suitable to me. i mean i dont like timbre very much. Luckily we have also other libraries.

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