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Topic: Movie Trailer online

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    Movie Trailer online

    Hello! Well it looks like it is finally happening. A feature film I scored in 2008 is on the verge of getting a distribution deal.The Hanged Man is an indie supernatural thriller. They have even gone as far as releasing a trailer, so things are looking up!


    The score was realized with GPO and EW Silver, but GPO is probably 99% of what you hear. The music in the trailer is from the film, but has been re-edited to fit the editor's vision. I think it turned out pretty darn good.

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    Re: Movie Trailer online

    très cool
    big horror fan here, so I hope we'll at least get the DVD available in my area.

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    Re: Movie Trailer online

    Congratulations! Very nice trailer. Can't wait to see (and hear) the movie!
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    Re: Movie Trailer online

    Nice music for a (sorry to say) horrorble trailer. I'm one of those people who can't stand horror. But the music is well done.

    Did you do the effects also with GPO/EWSO, or did you use a different sound source? For the Halloween contest (did you submit?) I added some electronic effects to choir, english horn and some percussion, but it sounded weird rather than scary, so I'm curious.

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    Re: Movie Trailer online

    I did pretty much everything in GPO. I used a couple of synths from my Roland controller to double the strings just because it added a layer of creepy, and mostly relied on the glass harmonica, which you can hear in the clip.

    I appreciate your kind comments, FLWrd, despite this not being your cuppa tea. If you're not a horror fan, then you won't particularly care for the film, although I tend to think of it more as an ensemble drama with supernatural elements than an out and out horror film. It's kind of lacking in the three B's to be a true horror film (which to me, makes it better than most horror films out there).

    The only EW Silver instruments I used were the Timpani (purely a personal preference) and the anvil--that I can remember. I'm pretty sure everything else was GPO. I made great use of the portamento/glissando feature for extra creepiness. It was such a fun project to do, and I ultimately ended up writing 50 minutes worth of music for it.

    Thanks for watching!

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