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Topic: Announcing Concert Strings II

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    Announcing Concert Strings II

    I would have announced this new library here sooner, but without advertising, we already sold out of our first run. Therefore, I had to wait for new drives to get here before making a "formal" announcement. We'll start shipping again the day after Christmas.

    So here it is...

    Four Complete String Libraries in 1
    -1. "Whole" Divisions - A whole symphonic sized string orchestra.
    -2. "Half Divisions" - Half of the players of the symphonic section - Great for a more intimate feel.
    -3. "Quarter Divisions" - Four players or less per note - Great for Chamber Strings pieces.
    -4. Solos - One player per note.

    -Over 1400 Instrument Patches
    -Over 50,000 Samples

    -TVEC II - Sophisticated programming behind the Concert Strings II sample library.
    -DivisiLive® - TVEC II can automatically do divisi when you play a chord.
    -Select-A-Division - Instantly select from as many as four divisions in a single instrument on the fly
    -Division Blending - Create your own custom division blends from up to four divisions all in one instrument.
    -IntervaLive® - Create realistic, variable speed slides, and transitions between notes on the fly.
    -VibratoLive® - Create your own flexible vibrato styles. Much more than mere velocity or modwheel controllers can do.
    -Polyphonic Round Robin - Never get the same note played twice in a row...even when playing chords. Eliminates the dreaded "shot gun" effect.
    -TrillsLive® - TVEC II can "decide" whether to use half step or whole step trills depending on what key you are in.
    -MutesLive® - Mutes on/Mutes off.....on the fly.
    -Sustain Pedal Overlapping Notes - Smooth out note transitions and note repetitions.
    -Keyswitching and Automation - Up to 30 keyswitched features. Additionally, you can use MIDI or host automation to access these features.
    -Interactive Help Prompting - Hover the mouse over a feature, and the interface will tell you what the feature does.
    -Velocity or Modwheel Brightness - You can have the instrument sound brighter via velocity or modwheel.
    -Attack - Globally control the attack.
    -Release - Globally control the release
    -Velocity Attack - Globally control the attack via velocity.
    -Accent Levels - Globally control the accent amount of a long note.
    -Automation - Assign MIDI or host automation to any articulation or feature.

    -Flexible Library Architecture - Instruments are created either stuffed with all divisions and articulations, or completely separated.
    -Tested to Play Well With Others - We've tested Concert Strings II to make sure that it blends wonderfully with other existing string libraries.

    -Ships on Hard Drive Option - Hard Drive Installation - If you purchase the hard drive version, you get a good enough hard drive to literally plug-and-play this library.

    See more information at http://www.kirkhunterstudios.com/pro...cs_str_ii.html and the online tutorial at http://www.kirkhunterstudios.com/Con...II_Manual.html
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    Thumbs up Re: Announcing Concert Strings II

    Dear Kirk,

    We wish you massive success with this astonishing achievement!

    Bela D Media | www.BelaDMedia.com

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    Re: Announcing Concert Strings II

    Hi Kirk,

    long time no see.

    I have listend to your demos and am very impressed. Sounds very good to my ears.

    I also wish you massive success with this astonishing achievement!


    "Music is the shorthand of emotion." Leo Tolstoy

    Listen to me, tuning my triangle http://www.box.net/shared/ae822u6r3i

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    Re: Announcing Concert Strings II

    My copy just arrived on the Hard Drive. I can attest to its quality of sound and ease of use with the plug and play drive.
    Definitely a great library. Would highly recommend to others.
    Good job, Kirk!

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    Re: Announcing Concert Strings II

    awesome, demos sound great.
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    Re: Announcing Concert Strings II

    Great sounding, great programming.
    Composer, Logic Certified Trainer, Level 2,
    author of "Going Pro with Logic Pro 9."


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    Re: Announcing Concert Strings II

    I agree, the demos sound great

    I bought Ruby a few months ago and I find the Concert Strings (and the brass) in Ruby to be extremely playable and expressive, so I can just image how much better the Concert Strings II are.

    Congrats Kirk

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    Re: Announcing Concert Strings II

    Hello Kirk & everyone.

    I just received my copy of CS II yesterday afternoon. The first thing I saw after opening the box, was a very nice looking enclosure housing the external USB hard drive. Honestly, one of the best looking enclosures I've seen.

    I dragged the CS II folder, along with the Diamond folder over to my Kontakt drive (OS X 10.6.2-Mac Pro 2.66). I had purchased Diamond as a download version some time ago, and Kirk was kind enough to put Diamond on the drive for me, since I'd lost track of the library over time. Nice!

    I have been using Kontakt 3.5 since it came out, which is a much better version of Kontakt. I have Logic 9.1, Cubase 5.1.1, Finale 2010 and Sibelius 6. I'm mostly using Cubase right now, and Vienna Ensemble Pro, 32 bit and 64 bit. I'm using the 32 bit version almost all the time, because I can load nearly any Virtual Instruments right in VE Pro and use it for mixing and loading instruments.

    Back to CS II:

    I've only had the time to load up the Strings Combo and a Violins patch so far, but that's enough to tell me that I'll be using this orchestra a lot, if not exclusively for my composing and arranging. Much improved overall sound, and for me, especially the attack portion of Strings, where it seemed to take too long to bring the strings fully in tune. Now, this is not so drastic, coming in tune more quickly.

    I've got a lot to learn about operating the TVEC part, but in front, it doesn't look too difficult to set up. Oh, also, I appreciate the 'dryer' sound I can get, so I can use my own Convolution Reverbs with the strings for the placement I want.

    This is a very nice upgrade, indeed! I've been with Kirk's libraries since the Emerald version for EXS. What a change over time!

    Thanks, Kirk. It's good to deal with you, and the best to everyone who worked on getting this library out!


    Mac Pro 2.66, 12 gig memory, OS X 10.6.2.

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    Re: Announcing Concert Strings II

    1400 patches total !!!!
    - Is it going to include instruments multis with which we can use just one patch multi per instrument ??
    - Is it going to include 16 and 24 bit versions at the same time ??

    Thaks in advance.

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    Re: Announcing Concert Strings II

    Quote Originally Posted by Flajolet View Post
    1400 patches total !!!!
    - Is it going to include instruments multis with which we can use just one patch multi per instrument ??
    - Is it going to include 16 and 24 bit versions at the same time ??

    Thaks in advance.
    We don't yet provide any "multis" since you can do that on an instrument (patch) level. You can go as big or small in these instruments as you want.

    Currently, we only offer a 24 bit version. But soon, we will most likely include a 16 bit version for the hard drive options.

    Also, for those of you who already have Concert Strings II, watch for a MUCH-IMPROVED instrument set replacement. The difference is that the new set of instruments will be a LOT more memory-efficient.

    And one more thing. Now with the release of the 64 bit Logic, we will be doing an EXS24 version. However, don't look for this any time soon.

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