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Topic: The dangers of online copy protection.

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    The dangers of online copy protection.

    I bought Wizooverb a few years back and have been using it as my main reverb. I just bought a new computer and went to install it. It installs fine but unfortunately I can't license it. I know that Wizoo went out of business and apparently they sold the rights to M-Audio/Avid. I just spoke with M-Audio/Avid and they said that they no longer support Wizooverb and have no way of re-licensing me for my new machine.

    I am extrememly dissapointed with M-Audio/Avid. I paid good money for that program and wanted to continue using it on my new computer. I understand that they would not want to put any more development dollars into it but they should at least provide the means to re-license it in case of a HD crash etc. Or throw the thing up on the internet for free if they are done with it. I was able to install my ancient NI versions of EW Gold and Stormdrum etc at NI's site no problem at all. (kudos to NI for still allowing me to do this)

    Has anybody else experienced this with Wizooverb or any other VST? It makes me cringe to think that instruments I am buying now may not be useable in the future...

    A note to developers. If you are going to use challange and response type copy protection that requires us to get a license online it would be considerate if you made sure that this was available whether you are in business or not. And if you sell your software to another company how about a provision that says they need to make sure we are able to re-license. Imagine Korg closing their doors and everybody's Triton won't turn on...
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    Re: The dangers of online copy protection.

    Bummer. I think you'd probably have some legal recourse with this. If this happened to me, I'd at the very least report them to the authorities. (Department of Fair Trading here in Australia)

    Greg. (who is warming to the license dongle system)

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    Re: The dangers of online copy protection.

    This is an issue that really bothers me too. Almost everything I have relies on a challenge/response. So far I think GS3 is the only thing I can't reactivate, but it's probably only a matter of time before everything collapses around me. Every time I rebuild my system I still install Komplete2 in order to have Vokator and Spektral Delay - I imagine it won't be long till NI says they can't keep supporting licenses as old as that, but, at the same time, they refused to make an open version available.

    I don't see the problem with dongles. I know that some people feel that the constant calls on the license file must be slowing things down, but I think that's probably true of registry based licenses too. And with the two universal dongles available, it's no longer a valid complaint that they eat up US ports.

    I have one piece of software called Crusher-X, which I barely ever got to use. It came with a limited number of challenge response instances. Shortly after I bought it my new machine developed a whole series of problems, starting with bad RAM, and I had to rebuild it several times. I very quickly used up all my licenses - even though it was always the same machine. If the license were dongle-based I would still be happily using the Crusher, and its maker could be even more sure that I could only use it on one machine.

    Talking with my students it seems as though C/R protection is incredibly easy to crack - they all have hard drives full of NI stuff, but not one has a working version of Cubase. It seems that the only people really inconvenienced by C/R are those of us who've paid for the software.

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    Re: The dangers of online copy protection.

    Kind of ironic,

    It's like telling you that being honest is stupid.


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    Re: The dangers of online copy protection.

    Hence the reason why many people favor dongles over C/R. There are people that say they prefer C/R over dongles - but they don't really; they actually prefer the dongle - they just don't realize it yet, because they have yet to get burned by not being able to relicense their product due to a company going out of business.

    I in no way shape or form condone the use of cracked sw, but in a case like this, it may be the only way to go. I mean, if you pay for the sw, and it's not your fault you can't use it anymore....


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    Re: The dangers of online copy protection.

    Some companies are willing to gamble and trust it's license holders.
    So far Cakewalk, Image Line and the developers of Reaper have yet to go under.

    Dongles do get lost, broken and fail. Each has it's own disadvantages.

    I have yet to have a problem with any software typing in a serial number.

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    Re: The dangers of online copy protection.

    Makes me thinking and makes warmer to dongles even still these need own usb port often.(they dont work well heared with hubs).
    ps. btw copyprotection technology is silly if you why? all protections can be "broken".

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    Re: The dangers of online copy protection.

    I have reinstalled my computer last week and also had to reinstall my Wizooverb W2 and W5.
    But unlike you, I did not have any problems renewing my certification. I think the process still works.

    On the other hand i absolutely second your frustration with the c/r authentification. I have always preferred the dongles (or freeware where possible) and tried to avoid programs with online activation. But with Gigastudio and Wizooverb I was not carreful enough. By the way I have to use one other program which is even more saddistick: the DVD Author (excellent DVD authoring program from Japan) requires online authentification every 2 months (although it gives another 2 months extra nerving with "you have to renew your validation" messages). And so I did never again buy anything from the company although they have some other excellent products I would so much love to use.
    And I think this is the only way to deal with challenge/response nonsense: we should ALL boycott any product that use it so that this kind of thing dies out.

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    Re: The dangers of online copy protection.

    Quote Originally Posted by Pingu View Post
    It seems that the only people really inconvenienced by C/R are those of us who've paid for the software.
    I, personally, don't believe it would be dishonest to use a hack or a crack
    if you originally paid for the software, and the company puts you in a position of not being able to re install it because they no longer support registration.

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    Re: The dangers of online copy protection.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jeffrey Hayat View Post
    There are people that say they prefer C/R over dongles - but they don't really; they actually prefer the dongle - they just don't realize it yet...
    speak for yourself. i work on a laptop, and a dongle is just one more thing you have to think about when mobile. e.g. working on a plane, the ridiculously oversized ilok dongle is a pain in the . also, i was one of the early adopters who had their entire system killed by PACE (it was a scandal bitd).

    hands down the best copy protection out there is whatever it is ableton uses.

    @ the original poster: i'd use a crack. i wouldn't even be surprised if you have the legal right to do so.

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