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Topic: A Little Bach

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    A Little Bach

    Haven't posted in quite a while - been crazy busy with work this year. I've got a lot in the hopper, but haven't been able to complete anything. Then, about a month ago, I lucked into used copies of the Strad and Gofriller. I put all my other projects on the back burner to learn how to use these instruments.

    My first project is a duet of the Gounoud Ave Maria. The Strad plays the melody and the Cello the harmony, with the original keyboard part rearranged into something resembling the Prelude to Bach's Cello Sonata in G.

    As an experiment, I did one version using straight-line continuous controllers, and one version using curved lines. I have links to both of them to see if anyone can guess which is which - or even tell the difference. Also linked is a really long write-up on the whole piece.

    The last thing is I would really like some constructive feedback from the experienced Strad, Gofriller, and acoustic string players on the forum. This is my first attempt and I really mean to improve as much as possible.

    Thanks, and here they are:

    Bach A

    Bach B

    Blog Post

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    Re: A Little Bach

    I have just one word to say:
    There is no spoon.

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    Re: A Little Bach

    Well, anyone who tried my little challenge would have been frustrated - I just discovered that both links linked to the same file. I've fixed that, now, so...

    Which is which?

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    Re: A Little Bach

    Hi Rob,

    I have no idea which one is which , but the "B" version sounded more natural to me. It's really very subtle.

    Nice piece nonetheless!



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