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Topic: Re-installing Trilian question

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    Re-installing Trilian question

    I just had to restore my C drive with my most recent disk image because Vista was starting to act strangely (It repeatedly refused to update itself and even to install the latest UpdateAgent).

    Unfortunately, this image was already a few months old, so Trilian plugin (installed a few weeks ago) is not there.
    My fault.
    I still have the Spectrasonics >Steam folder untouched though (on my samples drive).

    My question : is there a way to simply re-install the plugin and direct it to to the sample pool, or do I have to re-install everything ?

    I ask that because I seem to have read somewhere that Spectrasonics plugs are not very friendly when it comes to designate a Steam folder afterwards, but I might be wrong....

    ... And in fact I'd prefer to be wrong, because Trilian is not slim, and if I can spare myself all that dvd business, it will be for the best !

    Thanks in advance to "power users" and knowers....

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    Re: Re-installing Trilian question

    Well, since nobody here seems to be able to reply, and since Spectrasonics support seems to hibernate (request sent on 12/21 and still unadressed.....), I'll reply to my own question !

    At least this silence pushed me into my limits and helped me find a way.

    So I hope it will be useful to anybody who would come to be in the same situation.


    What I did is following those steps :

    - I changed my "Spectrasonics" folder's name to "zSpectrasonics" (this is the big one with all samples and patches)
    - I re-installed Trilian. During the process I was requested to choose a location for the Spectrasonics folder, and chose the same drive as for "zSpectrasonics".
    - the installer installed the plugin, and created the "Spectrasonics" folder, with just the various subfolders and the "light" data.
    - after install, I named the newly created "Spectrasonics" to "Trash" (just in case I would need it again, but now I guess I can really trash it away...)
    - I re-named my older "zSpectrasonics" folder back to "Spectrasonics"
    -Of course I skipped the 2nd, bigger half of the whole install (for the sound files, which go into this "Spectrasonics" folder.


    This trick seems to work well : I was afraid that *something*, silently placed somewhere into the registry by the installer, would come in the way, but so far all the patches I loaded in Trilian sound okay, and I had no alert or unpleasant message.

    BTW, I hoped that the challenge code would not change (this is the same PC, just a few weeks "younger" because of the date of the image date I used to restore it. Except that, no change in hardware, no major install, ).
    Unfortunately, it did, so I had to get a new response code from the site, and re-authorize.

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