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Topic: Song for midsummer night

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    Song for midsummer night

    A couple of years ago, I worked with an (amateur) singer with a nice voice, who wishes to remain anonymous, on a Swedish folk song, called Visa vid midsommartid, Song for midsummer night. Since this is midwinter and we can use a bit of warmth, I've uploaded this song. It's a bit melancholic.

    She first recorded the song with her guitar, then I added an orchestral accompaniment, sent it back, then she sang the solo, after which I completed the arrangement (in GPO, of course). I've kept it as close to the spirit of the song as I see it as possible.

    You can hear it here: http://www.soundclick.com/bands/page...songID=8503611

    I hope you enjoy it...

    The lyrics are
    Du lindar av olvon en midsommarkrans och hänger den om ditt hår.
    Du skrattar åt mångubbens benvita glans som högt över tallen står.
    Inatt skall du dansa vid Svartrama tjärn i långdans, i språngdans på glödande järn.
    Inatt är du bjuden av dimman till dans där Ull-Stina, Kull-Lina går.

    Nu tager du månen från blåbergets kam att ge dig en glorias sken.
    Och ynglet som avlats i gölarnas slam blir fålar på flygande ben.
    Nu far du till Mosslinda, mosslunda mor där Ull-Stina, Kull-Lina, Gullfina bor.
    Inatt skall du somna vid Svartrama damm, där natten och mossan är len.

    The first verse translates to
    At nights around midsummer you make yourself a crown of flowers, get enchanted by the full moon and join the mist in a fiery dance all night long until you fall asleep on the soft moss by a glimmering black pool in the deep of the forest...
    I could not find a better/more complete translation.

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    Re: Song for midsummer night

    Hi there, Theo;
    That was exceedingly beautiful! Your work was well tailored to the setting and the Singer. What a rich and expressive voice she has! Hard to believe she is an amateur. I was disappointed though, when the song abruptly stopped less than a minute and a half in, like, I was just getting into it!?!............ If that was an anomaly, please let me know and I will try it again.
    I cannot understand why such a talented singer would want to remain unnamed, I would gladly pay to see and hear her sing!
    I also gave the Minimalist piece a hearing and liked what you did.

    Best regards,
    sd cisco

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    Re: Song for midsummer night

    that was very beautiful.
    a lovely voice.
    but also a lovely, understated accompaniment.
    it's easy to get carried away and make something that would be too "lush" or overblown.

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    Re: Song for midsummer night

    Very nice work!

    What is the language? Swedish? Finnish? Danish?

    There is no spoon.

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    Re: Song for midsummer night

    Thank you for your comments. She does have a great voice, and she likes the song, but she does not want to pursue a musical career (I think she has finished her PhD now, or will do so soon). It's a pity, but she's still young. Who knows?

    About the length: it should be 2:04, and when I play it (hi-fi version) I do get the full length. I had a problem in the beginning: the bass had fallen out (there is a key switch before the first note...), so I had to render and upload it again and perhaps that caused a glitch somehow.

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    Re: Song for midsummer night

    Quote Originally Posted by boulifb View Post
    Very nice work!

    What is the language? Swedish? Finnish? Danish?

    Thanks. It's Swedish, and the singer is a Swedish native.

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    Re: Song for midsummer night


    That was outstanding!. Such a beautiful, delicate piece. And your orchestration was so tastefully done. I really enjoyed it.


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    Re: Song for midsummer night

    Theo - what a delight to listen to. A real pearl! Very beautiful song, voice, arrangement and rendering.

    Thanks for the Christmas treat!

    Music happens to be an art form that transcends language. - Herbie Hancock


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    Re: Song for midsummer night

    I like the voice. She has a very beautiful and nicely developed singing voice with some excellent color to it. The character of the piece really comes out in her singing.

    The piece is also strengthened by your orchestration and compositional skills. I really like some of the material you have added to the music. It was an enjoyable experience to listen to this folk tune.

    Thanks for sharing this. I really liked it's color and presentation.
    [Music is the Rhythm, Harmony and Breath of Life]
    "Music is music, and a note's a note" - Louis 'Satchmo' Armstrong


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    Re: Song for midsummer night

    Thanks for the compliments. I'll try to pass them on. Originally I had a very full electronic background, with a lot of effect like pads overlapping, but that was too stifling. I'm happy I went with the less-is-more acoustic approach. It was also my first real work with GPO (I did rebalance it a bit last week, but ok). Glad everyone like it!

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