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Topic: Questions I have after reading introduction

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    Questions I have after reading introduction

    Hi All,

    Thx again for this wonderful course.

    I'm a pianist synth and keyboard player and can read music and chords, so I know some music basics... And as I've always been obsessed with music since I was a kid I think I will do fine If I persevere :-)

    - How do you best study a clef that is unknown to you ? I was thinking about training software were they popup a note and you have to guess ... I had good results with em. just curious what other methods people use, excercises or transcribing a known clef to one that is alien to you might work as well I guess ?

    - I don't have GPO but I do own an akai S5000 sampler with Peter Siedlaczek Advanced orchestra 5 cd set. I think I will be able to reproduce the excercises with this ?

    - In the introduction they talk about studying full scores and start with the most easiest ones, and to study modern scores. put in time I wanted to study scores on :
    - Vangelis & Isao Tomita soundtracks (I have a lot of vintage synthesizers and love electronic music from the 70's 80's )
    - Maurice Jarre (Lawrence of Arabia soundtrack...)
    - Basil Poledouris (Sountrack conan the barbarian)
    - Ryuchi Sakamoto ( for instance the merry Xmas mr Laurence soundtrack/Forbidden colours)

    But I guess those are not too simple , I did manage to reproduce a lot of the blade runner (vangelis)soundtracks though, I have my obsession and passion to thank for that I guess ;-).
    Which scores would be more simple ?

    Do they also mean you need to have the full score on paper when studying it ? Cause I'm the auditive type of learner, I can almost reproduce everything when hearing it (except for very technical stuff like bach and chopin ;-) of course ) .
    If I need it on paper, where would I buy a full score ???

    - I don't know a lot about orchestra instrumentation, what books would you propose me to read to know more about that, if possible something that includes audio examples of the instruments, I remember it better when there's audio included .

    I think I'm trying to run before learning how to crawl... but I've always been the motivated and stick to it till it sticks to you type ! :-)

    thx for helping me !

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    Re: Questions I have after reading introduction


    I would say not to worry about little details of music theory...like your learning a new clef problem. These things sink in over time, and it just takes practice and repetition to become second nature. Give it time, and keep at it and it will all come together.

    As for finding simple scores...don't! Buy scores of piece you love, these are basically "answer books" written by masters! - it doesn't matter if they are complex, they will show you how the result was made.

    Don't fuss over details too much...keep your interest, keep learning and you will make breakthroughs when you least expect it.

    And at some point you will surprise yourself with how far you've come!

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