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Topic: Jazz Strings

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    Jazz Strings

    How do these sound for jazz strings? I'm working on some third stream stuff for string trio and bass and I'd like to know if you think this works.

    Jazz String A

    Jazz Strings B

    Version A is string trio (violin, viola, cello) and jazz bass with drums; B is without drums. There's a little alto sax thrown in at the end for some additional color.

    I think the articulations lend themselves to this style, but I'd like to hear your comments on this.



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    Re: Jazz Strings

    Pretty nice. The longer it went the more I liked it. First few phrases seemed a little too perfect - the parallel movement made it feel as if parts were just pasted to separate tracks and transposed or something. After that it felt really nice.


    Everything's getting so good - it's hard to tell live from memorex any more - even for those in the biz.

    Cool writing, BTW.

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    Re: Jazz Strings

    Thanks LHall.

    It's Vienna Instruments (including the upright bass and drums).

    I was experimenting with the crescendo repetition articulations for some subtle, but not necessarily quiet effect.

    It was based on some improvised piano chords.


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