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Topic: Sampling Resources

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    Sampling Resources

    (Although I posted this elsewhere, I would like to re-post here since there is so much activity !)

    Grateful thanks for any insights or suggestions ! I am a new Giga user, and a \"sampling\" newbie, although experienced in digital audio recording and music. I have not had much luck finding any tutorials or documentation on sampling on the net, wondering if someone could point me in the direction of useful information (be it sites, books, anything) where I can go beyond what I have learned using Giga Editor and reading the posts here !! Cheers and regards to all, thanks for all the amazing information you have provided so far :-)

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    Re: Sampling Resources

    I posted this topic a while back, sadly I\'m surprised no one has any suggestions ! Could it be I have inadvertently flamed someone or am I that off track with my question ? I\'ve done the basics with sampling, like creating multisamples to set three or four key regions and multisamples for different velocities, close and far miking, basic looping, etc... but it\'s advanced stuff like crossfading samples or simulating an acoustic instrument that still eludes me. In reading many forum postings here, I realized one can get into incredible detail when it comes to creating realistic brass and orchestral samples, therefore my topic. I also just bought a video titled \"Understanding Samplers and Sampling.\", it seems very dated (like from the early 90\'s), no mention of software samplers and the guy was showing a DOS app to handle his Akai S1000 sampler... Nothing but the basics on the tape, maybe I\'m missing something here and that is all it takes for samples, but I\'m sure there is a lot more to it... Again, grateful thanks for any information, this forum seems to attract the definite Giga-Sampling pros !! Warm Regards, -Azure ;-}

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    Re: Sampling Resources

    I think the reason no one has replied is that no one knows of any...

    Atleast I don\'t know a good resource, that has \"\"advanced\" techniques and/or goes into detail about them.

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Sampling Resources

    Hi King;

    Visiting this forum is probably the best place to stay informed, I learned a lot just by reading the postings here. The \"Manifesto\" was fun reading too, I hope they add more to it ! It\'s like asking about mastering, there is no official technique or documentation, but once you do it long enough you get the hang of it. I did find some preliminary things like advanced tutorials on GigaSampler, although I have these links home, I\'ll post them here when I get home. FWIW, you are right, most have taught themselves this new art ! Thanks ! -Azure

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