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Topic: System requirements for GigaStudio

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    System requirements for GigaStudio

    Hi. I am thinking of upgrading my GigaSampler1.6 to GigaStudio. But I am afraid my P3-500 can\'t run GigaStudio fast enough. Does anyone know about the system requirement for GigaStudio? Thanks in advance.

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    Re: System requirements for GigaStudio

    You should be able to get about the same polyphony performance on your system with GigaStudio as you get with GigaSampler, using the same sounds, etc. The effects and increased number of mixer channels will of course increase the CPU load, but on your PIII 500 system the most demanding effects are still only approximately %5 CPU per stereo effect instance, yet deliver superb quality and zero latency that rivals the very best hardware effects. To my knowledge, the NFX are the world\'s first zero latency host based effects.

    Hope that helps.

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    Re: System requirements for GigaStudio

    Can I run Studio with 256 meg mem, p2 350?

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    Re: System requirements for GigaStudio

    Hey Jim Van Buskirk, what are you basing
    that information on? Last I heard was that
    a P3-600 was supposed to be sufficient for
    gigastudio w/160 poly (additional effects
    would probably require more though, so better go with 700mhz (or overclock the 600 anyway).). I would guess that the poly would
    decrease with 32 and 64 midichannels, but
    remember that a p2 233mhz was enough to run
    gigasampler with 64 notes of poly.
    The p2\'s and 3\'s seem pretty similar in performance, taking various benchmarks into account, and I wouldn\'t be suprised if the fastest celeron processor would do the trick for gigastudio. Also, you have to consider that nemesystech wouldn\'t release gigastudio if it would only do what it says it can do on 850mhz and 1gz comps. Besides they started the development of gigastudio before the p3 850mhz and 1gz cpus were available.

    Nah, I have faith in the chaps at nemesys.
    I think they\'ll pull it off with a p3 700 for
    full functionality!

    Btw. where is that darned program anyway?
    Getting tired of waiting here. (but its good
    in a way, because if it came out today I would have to rush out and spend another $2k on a new comp

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    Re: System requirements for GigaStudio

    Hey Thomas_J, I don\'t think you realize who Jim van Buskirk is. Jim Van Buskirk is president and programmer at nemesys. He\'s obviously basing it on what they have done at nemesys. i think what he\'s trying to get across in this topic is that GigaStudio will work similar to gigasampler and much better, the effects and how many used at the same time will determine the type of performance you will need. I\'m astonished at the low cpu usage.
    I can\'t wait to get my hands on it.

    PaPa Chalk

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    Re: System requirements for GigaStudio

    I thought a P3-500 could get up to 98 voices of polyphony as stated in an earlier post. If what you say here is true it will still only get 64 voices with gigastudio?

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    Re: System requirements for GigaStudio

    Hi Jim, nice to see a Nemesys presence here
    again. First let me say I\'m a happy GS
    customer, this has been a fine product for
    me. But I\'m not sure I\'ll upgrade right off
    the bat. The things I\'d like to see improved
    in GS are mostly working hi-hat functionality
    (it\'s in the manual), faster load times for
    the big sample sets, and possibly better
    synthesis features. The first 2 I\'d like to
    see addressed as bug fixes to GS, and I\'m not
    too hot to pay for an upgrade just to fix
    bugs when I don\'t really need the additional
    features of the new product (that and
    Nemesys drastically reduced the price of
    GS right after I purchased...) I\'d like
    to see you guys do better in the communication
    department, particularly regarding the
    future of GS.

    The additional features of GStudio might be
    cool for some, but they largely duplicate
    things that I already have and like to work
    with, so before I\'d upgrade, I\'d want to know
    if the new product works as well with
    external sequencers (is it a superset of
    GS functionality, does it coexist similarly
    with them or worse due to CPU load or program
    size?) Plus I\'d like to hear about the
    copy protection scheme, I\'ve had problems
    with some legitemate stuff in the past, and
    won\'t purchase a new program without knowing
    the installation/use \'issues\'.

    Also does GstudioLE output to multiple
    audio channels?

    Thanks for your time, best wishes,

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    Re: System requirements for GigaStudio

    Ooops *blush* how embarassing hehe
    I didn\'t have the faintest clue of who he was (I\'ve never seen any of his posts on the board), but thanks for enlightening me PaPa Chalk! :=)

    As for the truth... it kinda hurt. :/

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    Re: System requirements for GigaStudio

    Thank you,everybody. I\'m going to wait for some time to hear from someone who is using GigaStudio. But to my disappointment, why aren\'t there any comments about the system requirement of GS on the Nemesys\'s web pages?

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