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Topic: Carol of the Bells

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    Carol of the Bells

    I haven't been around here much (well, at all) lately.. I've been busy working on my Christmas CD that just got finished last week. Here's one of the songs from it. Merry Christmas to all!

    (Sorry...I can't understand how to insert a link anymore...It's the 3rd song from the top on my SC page.)


    OK, that worked...I just wondered why it won't work using the link icon. Oh well.

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    Re: Carol of the Bells

    Hi Janet.
    To post, go to sound click administration page;
    click on the link; find the song in your list;
    highlight the louder; copy; return to this page; paste.

    Good feel to this song.


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    Re: Carol of the Bells

    I've played this a few times today because I like the tune and the arrangement, very Christmassy. might play it again at work tomorrow
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