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Topic: Recalcitrant Violinist

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    Recalcitrant Violinist

    So, I'm playing with my license-transferred Strad, and am having a recurring problem. Hopefully I just have something set wrong.

    As I play back my sequence, suddenly the Strad just stops playing. No amount of coaxing will bring it back. I have to close and re-open Sonar. As I experiment, it seems to be caused by adjusting the zoom level while playing back.

    It's even worse in Finale. Instead of just cutting out, both the Strad and the Goff will drop notes, even entire phrases. The Strad won't play any notes longer that 1-2 seconds, before the note cuts off.

    So, anyone have any experience with these reluctant string players?

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    Re: Recalcitrant Violinist

    Argh! It just did it without changing the zoom level while playing back.

    I'm starting to get frustrated.

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    Re: Recalcitrant Violinist

    All right, the notes stopping playing turned out to be a keyswitch. I had the Strad transposed too low, and was triggering the top keyswitch, which is harmonics - thus resulting in the muted notes.

    I still have my Finale problem, however....

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    Re: Recalcitrant Violinist

    There's a sticky thread called "The Silent Stradivari Syndrome" here:


    Perhaps that could help?
    Dan Powers

    "It's easier to be a composer than it is to compose."
    --Ray Luke (1928-2010)

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    Re: Recalcitrant Violinist

    Thanks, Dan. I can give it a try, but my symptoms don't quite match those described. This is for no sound at all. I'm just dropping notes - it's almost like what you get when you try to bounce off-line when you're not set for that.

    I'm also crashing Sonar when I try an off-line bounce or freeze. Tonight I'm going to try again with a real-time bounce.

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