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Topic: K4 Player - Memory Hog?

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    K4 Player - Memory Hog?

    Some time ago, I received an e-mail message from NI, after submitting a rather negative response to a survey about why I had not upgraded. It assured me that Kontakt 4 would address many of the problems, quirks and shortcoming of previous versions. It promised that the new player would make a better host for my Garritan and other sample libraries (than K2 full version, I assume, because that's what I am using.)

    I have to say that I was more impressed by the few demo sample libraries than any of the changes to Kontakt itself. But I encountered a nasty surprise when I tried to burn a test CD using some of them in a couple of my tracks. The new sounds were absent from the mix, though the MIDI files played back fine in Sonar. Life being too short to mess with this, I stopped using the K4 player, with the idea that I might fool around with it at a later date.

    In the last couple of weeks, Sonar began acting strangely, reporting I had run out of memory (not RAM, as I understand it, but "addressable memory space") and even crashing occassionally, which I have never seen. I couldn't figure out the cause. I am running 32-bit Win XP Pro on my DAW. I am using Sonar 6, K2, GPO, JABB, etc. which is more than I need to do the kinds of things I do. I am composing for a small pit orchestra for the musical theater. Not many instruments, ever -- even if I give every articulation its own track.

    Well, you can probably guess where I'm going with this. Today I hit upon the idea of removing the K4 player -- and, as soon as I did, all the problems went away. (Just having the plug-in installed was causing the memory drain. I wasn't actually trying to use it in any of my projects.)

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    Re: K4 Player - Memory Hog?

    Hey, ejr,

    I haven't noticed the memory issues, but I have a severe interface issue with K4. Namely, it cuts off the left side of my instrument panels. Do you have this problem?

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    Re: K4 Player - Memory Hog?

    The moment JABB ARIA is available, I intend to delete every instance of Kontakt 2, 3 and 4 from my system. I've suspected this problem existed, even though mine wasn't as severe as yours.
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    Re: K4 Player - Memory Hog?

    No problem with instrument panels as far as I can tell, but virtually anything can happen in Windows with low memory or system resources.

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