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Topic: New piece

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    New piece

    Hello everyone,

    Last night, I have started a new piece entirely done with GPO.

    It's not fully orchestrated yet. A lot of instruments are still not playing. And the notes are basic. I'm using 29 parts.

    I want to call it "Tropical march".

    Here's the file:
    Marche n°2.mp3

    Let me know if it is valuable to continue it or not.


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    Re: New piece

    I think it's worthwhile to continue. It's a catchy march, with a lot of possibilities. Try to work according to the book (Wikipedia seems to have most information), and you almost can't go wrong with this tune.

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    Re: New piece

    Thanks for your reply.

    I had this theme in mind with the use of xylophone.

    I use the informations from the wiki pages to write my march.

    I have ordered a book with some Sousa marches in order to dissect Sousa's works.

    For sure, I'm trying to use the right number of measures and the right progression chord for a march, depending of the key. As I'm working in C, I understand that I should stay in C and F (I V I IV). I'm working in 2/4. The introductions has 8 measures and the first theme has 16 measures. I hope I have not broken rules for now. I also understood that it is crucial for a march to write the chords first and the melody next. At least, that's what I'm doing.

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    Re: New piece

    I have completed the orchestration of the introduction and the first theme.
    Let me know what you're thinking of this beginning.


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    Re: New piece

    Cute, sounds good. It sets the listener on the wrong foot (so to speak) in the first bars by putting the accent on the second beat, which is fun. But then after the introduction, I would introduce a break, so everybody knows it's starting for real. Apart from that, go on, it made me smile...

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    Re: New piece

    Oh, and put a bit more "oomph" in the bass. The tuba is fine, but either stronger basses or more bass instruments (lots of trombones!)...

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    Re: New piece

    I know. I have done it on the second foot voluntarily. To do "1 2 1 2 3"... But maybe I should do "1 2 1 2 3 4".

    I have corrected the introduction. The strong step is no on the first bar.

    It does "1 2 1 2 3 4".

    I also have replaced the castanets by those in GPO.
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    Re: New piece

    A good start, but I hear German March more than Tropical; beer rather than rum.

    There are 2 march time signatures.
    Simple(2/4) & compound(6/8)

    As a trio, you could take the rhythm 884 488 44 (2/4)
    and make it 4 84 84 4 4 84 84 4 (6/8)

    Marches have strong counter melodies. One line holds-the other moves.
    Both lines can be equal in volume.

    Some marches are fast like a gallop and others are slower & stately.


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    Re: New piece

    Thanks for your advice.

    Hi Gary,

    Marches are not my specialities, but I hear that. I don't know why. So I write down what I hear.

    My second march has a German rhythm. It runs at 110bpm.
    Only the name is tropical... I wanted to use a xylophone and castanets in this piece.

    I work in 2/4 in C major. The introduction has 8 measures and the first theme has 2x8 measures. I work by packet of 8 measures. The first theme is 4-8-4 (which is 16 steps). 4 Steps in C (second reversion chord G C E) followed by 8 bars in G7 (at fundamental state G B D E). And the next part will be in F. So it has 4xC 8xG7 4xC and for the F chord, I don't know yet how many steps. I'm not used with 6/8 yet. So I might continue in 2/4.

    Also in this second march, I have made a small correction in the formation. In the first march, I used 1 small flute and 2 big flutes which seems to be wrong. In this second march, I use 1 small flute and 1 big flute. I work by pairs of woodwinds and brass.

    Is this correct?

    There is no spoon.

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    Re: New piece

    Hi Fred;
    I am afraid I cannot provide much guidance on Marches but I am partial to The Stars and Stripes Forever, and on its musical merits alone, if needs be!
    But what I hear from you is very charming and I can't wait for you to present it completed!
    Also, even though your initial postings were not created with the GPO, no matter, you ably demonstrated your talents and good taste, nothing left now but to entertain and amaze!!

    Best regards and Seasons Greetings!
    sd cisco

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