I've been happily using gigagstudio 3, lightpiped into my G5 dual (with DP6, but I had the problem also with DP5), with midi-over-lan for many years. (My giga machine is running XP through a Gina board, 3.2 GHz, 2gigs of RAM).

I've been having intermittent (2 percent of the time?) notes sounding either "out of phase", or that strange sound of 2 midi notes hit simultaneously. It's one of those 2 phenomena, and I'm not sure which. I have experimented with:

-different libraries (no consistent culprit)
-using no effects (problem persists)
-outputting directly analog through a board, rather than through DP (problem persists)
-different templates with only one or 2 sounds loaded (problem persists)
-soloing midi tracks for fewer voices (problem persists)
-there are no actual duplicated midi events, I am certain

Anyone else had this?