then it will be Christmas. For some it is the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, for others the celebration of the coming of a new year. But for all it is a feast of contemplation, love and sharing the goods with friends and families. I sincerely hope we don't forget thinking of all guys and girls on this forum who need our help, some words of comfort, some positive thoughts and lots of prayers.

Gary, Marianne and family I hope you will have a lovely Christmas.
Other names come into my mind, others who screamed on this forum for any help. I didn't forget you all.

Now, back to my act being another Chevy Chase trying to pollute the sky and living room with thousands of lightbulbs...... hahaha.

See you after the fireworks, a merry Christmas and a very, very good next year,

[to be honest, I am trying to re-render my Symphony so that Dan Kury will say "Wow, how on earth did you do this" We'll see if it goes that way]