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Topic: Dec 12th – Gnomehammer Little Toy Glockenspiel (freebie!!)

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    Thumbs up Dec 12th – Gnomehammer Little Toy Glockenspiel (freebie!!)

    The Gnomes have emerged once more from their dark and cold winter workshop to bring you yet another free gift of Seasonal Affective Disorder-inspired rage and madness. They now present to you: The Little Toy Glockenspiel!

    This cute little instrument is a simple 8-key metal and wooden toy glockenspiel. It is rather poorly tuned, clunky and probably covered in lead paint. It sure tasted like it to us. However, we think these little "flaws" only add to the instrument's innocent character. Despite its small size and low grade construction, the instrument has pristine clarity and a crisp tone. We think you actually find it quite musical and useful.

    We captured it following our deep-sampling philosophy, with 4-6 velocity layers and 5 round robin variations per layer on every key. We've programmed it with precision, allowing for expressive and realistic playability. We included a naturally un-tuned version for that slightly off-kilter sound and a more refined tuned version for more serious scoring applications. We also included 2 special effect patches, including auto-arpeggiation and an experimental pseudo-ambient instrument preset that we think you'll enjoy.

    o 4 instrument patches, 172 Samples
    o 99 MB installed, 56 MB .rar download
    o Sample resolution: 44.1Khz / 24Bit stereo .wav format
    o Format(s): Kontakt and .wav

    Please note, You will need a full retail version of Kontakt to play this library. The Free "Kontakt Player" will only allow for 30 minutes of use in demo mode.

    Check out our demo:

    And please grab Santa's Glocks by clicking this link

    As with all of our Gnomehammer free releases, this one is only available to the public for a single day! However, If you missed this or any other freebie, fear not. Everyone will get another chance to grab them a little later this month when the fat man comes around, so stay tuned!


    Mike n' Troels Gnomehammer

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    Re: Dec 12th – Gnomehammer Little Toy Glockenspiel (freebie!!)

    You guys are awesome! Thanks!

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    Re: Dec 12th – Gnomehammer Little Toy Glockenspiel (freebie!!)

    Quote Originally Posted by jmc View Post
    You guys are awesome! Thanks!
    +1 from me too!


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    Re: Dec 12th – Gnomehammer Little Toy Glockenspiel (freebie!!)

    Thank you again for these freebies.
    Pasi Pitkänen
    Website | Facebook

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    Re: Dec 12th – Gnomehammer Little Toy Glockenspiel (freebie!!)

    Thanks once again guys! This one is brilliant.

    When it's all over you should issue a challenge to write a demo with all the Gnomehammer freebies. I'd love to hear what happens when a beatboxer gets together with a dilapidated glockenspiel, kazoo ensemble and drunken choir.

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