After many many great entries were submitted, we had the difficult task of choosing a winner ahead of us!

Thanks very much to everyone who participated in the competition. It was a very enjoyable experience - being able to listen to what people had come up with while using Monster Staccatos.

In the end, we were forced to award 2 winners!

So without further adieu, here they are!

The first winning entry was submitted by Jasper Blunk. Jasper has produced an epic piece titled "Turmoil and Restitution," which according to him is essentially 2 of his new pieces stuck together. At only 16 years of age, he even recorded a live alto choir and solo violinist for the piece. It's both exciting and frightening that someone could be so talented at such a young age - well done Jasper!

His piece can be heard here:

Jasper Blunk - Turmoil and Restitution

The second winning entry was submitted by the talented and successful producer, Mick Gordon. Be sure to check out the amazing work on his website here:

His entry was particularly impressive. Instead of heavy pounding percussion, Mick relied on heavy guitars and judicial usage of compressing and sound manipulation to give his track its undeniable energy. Extra cool is added to the piece by his clever intertwining of Tom Waits material into the mix. A very fun track indeed, thank you Mick!

Check it out here:

Mick Gordon - Monster Competition

Thanks very much to everyone for putting so much effort into your entries. Please stay tuned as there are more competitions that will be announced in the coming months, as well as more free stuff to be given away. Oh, and happy holidays!

Best regards,

The Cinematic Strings team.